DuraSight Sighting Systems was created in 2005 after a group of gunsmiths got frustrated in dealing with the sheer number of accuracy complaints related to what seemed to be quality rifles.

When these gunsmiths would inspect (and shoot) the rifles in question, they almost always determined that it was not the rifle or the scope that was causing accuracy problems but rather the cheap aluminum mounts being used. Once the gunsmiths replaced the aluminum mounts with a stronger scope mount system, the accuracy issue went away.


These gunsmiths also realized that not every shooter could afford to spend $80 to $100 on scope mounts alone. So the group of gun builders set out to find a material that performs like steel but can be manufactured at a more affordable cost. Enter Z2 Alloy.



Sighting Systems

Designed for Strength, Durability and Affordability


Z2 Alloy allowed the gunsmiths to use features like Grade 8 Torx™ screws (not available on aluminum because the material is too soft) and built-in recoil lugs. This Z2 Alloy, combined with the design features, provided a system that could withstand the punishing recoil of even the heaviest magnum loads and toughest wilderness hunts – all for only a few dollars more than the average aluminum mounts.


So think about it. You spend hundreds (even thousands) on a rifle and scope. Do you really want what amounts to a recycled beer can attempting to hold your system together? Or, would you rather have DuraSight’s Z2 Alloy – a scope mount product specifically designed for strength, durability, and affordability. Yea, us too!

The New Standard for Scope Rings & Bases

As every serious hunter or shooter knows, scope mounts are the critical link between a firearm and its optics – and sacrificing quality here can virtually destroy a rifle’s potential for accuracy. Yet, many shooters have made that unfortunate sacrifice because they thought the cost of quality rings and bases was just too high. Not any more. Now there is DuraSight™.

DuraSight™ Scope Mounting Systems are setting the new standard for PERFORMANCE and VALUE. DuraSight has combined innovative design and super strong materials to give you the best value in rings and bases on the market today – making tack-driving accuracy available to everyone.

DuraSight™ Mounting Systems will give every one of your guns and scopes the LINK of STRENGTH and the ACCURACY CONNECTION you expect.

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